CEEQUAL Drives Sustainability Performance

CEEQUAL is a driver of standards. By influencing decision making across the design, strategy and management of projects in civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and the public realm, CEEQUAL facilitates the adoption of best practice. This leads to better performance and sustainability outcomes and enables project teams to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to the sustainable development agenda. Indeed, since the scheme began in 2003, more than 900 project teams have used CEEQUAL to achieve and certify their sustainability goals.

Find out why CEEQUAL is the industry’s sustainability assessment tool of choice by browsing our case studies below. Read about how CEEQUAL has helped drive standards across sustainability strategy and project implementation, and learn from best practice in sustainable infrastructure and engineering.


Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai completed not one but eight CEEQUAL Assessments in their bid to become one of the most sustainable world expos of all time. Find out the full details here.

Learn more about the Expo 2020 Dubai project.


Al Wasl Plaza at Expo 2020 Dubai

Recent Projects

Check out a selection of our most recent case studies below, to learn about the latest ways CEEQUAL has been used to help certify and achieve sustainability across infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

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