Project Strategy – CEEQUAL for Projects

Project Strategy covers how the project team has related their project to the wider sustainability agenda surrounding civil engineering and infrastructure projects, and their contribution to ‘sustainable development’. It prompts project teams to ask themselves such questions as ‘Is there evidence that the client and designer have actively adopted the principles of sustainable development in the planning and design of the project?’ and to undertake studies of the project and its likely impacts to a wider remit than just the interests of the project’s promoter.

The aim is that the results might then lead to improvements, and to a judgement by the project team on whether their project is assisting the communities it serves to move on the pathway to more-sustainable living.

This section is optional due to the significant extension of scope that it presents and the transition of CEEQUAL from an environmental assessment and awards scheme (Version 4) to a sustainability assessment and awards scheme. Therefore, choosing to undertake this section will define what type of CEEQUAL Assessment you use to obtain your Award.


Contract Strategy – CEEQUAL for Term Contracts

Client Contract Strategy (which is not optional for Whole Team Awards in CEEQUAL for Term Contracts) assesses how the client has related their contract to the wider sustainability agenda surrounding civil engineering and infrastructure assets, and how their maintenance and refurbishment contributes to ‘sustainable development’. It prompts clients to ask themselves whether the maintenance strategy for the assets within the contract enables those assets to continue to operate in a way that helps the communities which they serve to live more sustainably. However, it does not assess the judgement of the client in setting the scope and objectives of the contract, for example whether it is seeking to enhance the asset’s functionality, merely maintain it at present levels or manage it down prior to closure and replacement.

These strategy assessments are subject to adjudication by a CEEQUAL panel whose members are independent of the team undertaking the works.