CEEQUAL Version 5

Version 5 is a previous version of the CEEQUAL methodology. The latest version is CEEQUAL Version 6.


CEEQUAL Version 5 was launched in March 2012. The latest revision (Version 5.2) was released in December 2015.

CEEQUAL Version 5 for Projects completed the transition of CEEQUAL as an environmental assessment and awards scheme to a sustainability assessment and awards scheme.

Award types

There are six award types available in CEEQUAL Version 5 for Projects:

  • Whole Team Award (formerly Whole Project Award) – the full CEEQUAL Award applied jointly by the client, designer and principal contractor(s)
  • Client & Design Award – for a joint application by the client and designer
  • Design Award – for principal designer(s) only
  • Design & Construction Award – for a joint application by the contractor and their designer
  • Construction Award – for principal contractor(s) only
  • Interim Client & Design Award – available en route to a Whole Team Award.

Assessment types

There are two assessment types available using CEEQUAL Version 5 for Projects:

  • Sustainability Strategy & Performance Assessment (assessing to Sections 1-9)
  • Sustainability Performance Assessment (assessing to Sections 2-9).

The difference between the two available assessment types is whether the project team wish to assess their project using the optional Project Strategy section included for the first time as part of Version 5.

The Project Strategy section assesses how the project team has related their project to the wider sustainability agenda surrounding civil engineering and infrastructure projects, and their contribution to ‘sustainable development’.


There are nine sections in CEEQUAL Version 5:

Scheme Description

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