Version 4

Version 4 is a previous version of the CEEQUAL methodology. The latest version is CEEQUAL Version 6.

There are twelve sections in CEEQUAL Version 4:

  • Section 1: Project/Contract Management
  • Section 2: Land Use
  • Section 3: Landscape Issues (including rural landscape & townscape)
  • Section 4: Ecology & Biodiversity
  • Section 5: The Historic Environment
  • Section 6: Water Issues
  • Section 7: Energy & Carbon
  • Section 8: Material Use
  • Section 9: Waste Management
  • Section 10: Transport
  • Section 11: Effects on Neighbours
  • Section 12: Relations with the Local Community and Other Stakeholders

Download the assessment manuals for CEEQUAL Version 4

Previous versions of the CEEQUAL manuals are available to download using the form below.

  • Projects – UK & Ireland (Version 4)
  • Term Contracts – Maintenance (Version 4)
  • Term Contracts – Multiple Small New Works (Version 4)

To find out more about the latest version of CEEQUAL, please visit the CEEQUAL Version 6 webpage.

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