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CEEQUAL is a the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for infrastructure, civil engineering, landscaping and public realm projects. Our professional training courses prepare you to deliver and assess sustainable projects by becoming a CEEQUAL Assessor, whilst gaining CPD training hours.

The demand for sustainability assessment in the built environment is rising 20% annually.

CEEQUAL meets this demand across infrastructure and civil engineering projects, with more than 900 projects using CEEQUAL to certify their sustainability success. CEEQUAL projects need assessors to guide them in achieving sustainability best practice that meets the CEEQUAL standard, and assess the final project outcomes. By completing professional training with us, via the BRE Academy, you will gain the skills to meet this demand and enable your projects to reach their sustainability goals.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, our professional training course enables you to become a successful CEEQUAL assessor and earn training CPD hours to take your professional development to the next level.

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CEEQUAL Assessor Training

Trained CEEQUAL Assessors are required to undertake CEEQUAL Assessments. They are usually part of the project team and play an important role in encouraging the team to consider sustainability issues at the most appropriate time, as well as assessing the final outcome. Complete professional training with us to become a CEEQUAL Assessor.

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CEEQUAL Verifier Training

CEEQUAL Verifiers are independent from the project team. It is their job to help guide the assessor and verify the final assessment. CEEQUAL Assessors who have completed at least one assessment can train as CEEQUAL Verifiers.

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CEEQUAL training is brought to you by the BRE Academy, the world’s leading provider of built environment education and professional training. In addition to CEEQUAL, the BRE Academy delivers a wide range of training courses, benefitting over 20,000 construction industry professionals in 40 countries by providing 1000s of training CPD hours for upskilling and professional development. Course delivery is flexible, with scheduled face-to-face training sessions, and online courses available – and all can be tailored to individual requirements.

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