Term Contracts

CEEQUAL for Term Contracts has been specifically created for the assessment of civil engineering and public realm works that are undertaken through contracts over a number of years and in a geographical or operational area, via term maintenance contracts. The benefits are primarily the same as for projects assessed using CEEQUAL but the methodology has been amended to suit the way these contracts are procured, managed and delivered.

With construction works orders for the individual jobs within the contract often running into 1,000s per month, not only is the nature of the work often different from projects, but its procurement and management are also different.

If the work is more like a project, but involves construction of new works that comprise a relatively limited number of focused operations, for example linear projects like electrification of railways, then using the Term Contracts Assessment Manual for Construction of small or repetitive new works may be more appropriate than using CEEQUAL for Projects. This manual is tailored to term maintenance contracts.

There are two types of Award available to recognise the achievement of the whole contract team or just the delivery team, with Verified Assessments in the first and penultimate years of the contract and surveillance visits by the CEEQUAL Verifier at least every year in between and in the final year before contract completion.

Term contracts offer a convenient means of carrying out large numbers of discrete jobs of relatively low individual value. Through this mechanism procurement costs per job are minimised by work simply being initiated by a written order or instruction. The success of such a contract is normally a reflection of the strength of the contractor’s understanding of the client’s requirements, the teamwork generated amongst the parties, and the successful delivery of these requirements.

It is thus recognised that the assessment process should be a team effort between all parties involved in the contract: client, designer (if included), contractor and contract manager or engineer. This approach should maximise the opportunity for any CEEQUAL assessment to be ultimately successful.

Information for new users of CEEQUAL Term Contracts (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Choosing your Award & Assessment type

In contrast to CEEQUAL for Projects, there are just two types of Assessment and Awards available under the contracts scheme. These are independent of whether the works are assessed using the Maintenance Assessment Manual, the Construction Assessment Manual, or a combination.

  • Whole Team Award & Assessment – available for use when the client mandates the use of CEEQUAL on a contract. Under this award Section 1: Client Contract Strategy is mandatory and the contract is assessed using Sections 1 to 9.
  • Delivery Award & Assessment – available for where the contractor(s) and designer(s) making up the contract delivery team wish to use CEEQUAL to assess their performance without the direct instruction or involvement of the Client. With this award, Section 1: Client Contract Strategy is omitted from the assessment and the delivery team assess their performance only against Sections 2 to 9.

Choosing your Assessment Manual type

Currently, CEEQUAL for Term Contracts is available under Version 5 of the overarching methodology, and has two question sets: one for Maintenance Works and one for Construction, with two matching Manuals, and matching spreadsheets for capturing the scores and evidence.

  • Maintenance: For works such as highway repairs and resurfacing in a county or borough over a period of five years, bridge repairs and maintenance and rail track maintenance in a Network Rail operational area. The work may involve a number of different types of work across the operational area at different times, and the precise nature, scope and location of all the works to be undertaken may not be know at the beginning of the contract
  • Construction: In the example given above of the electrification of railways, this may involve three or four types of work such as bridge raising, track lowering, installation of the gantries and overhead power lines, and the installation of the power supply and distribution facilities. For highways, this could include a workstream of remodelling junctions that is included in what is otherwise a maintenance contract. It may also include significant modification of existing assets that includes new works

Note: For contracts whose scope includes both maintenance and construction works, both Assessment Manuals are used, the assessments are undertaken in parallel within the overall assessment, and the scores aggregated to arrive at an overall score.

Applying for your Award

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Application form: CEEQUAL for Term Contracts (PDF, 307 KB)

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