Osberton Top Bridge Refurbishment, Chesterfield Canal

CEEQUAL Very Good – Design & Build Award Version 2, Jun 2003 | Osberton, England Client: British Waterways Designer: British Waterways Construction: GallifordTry Assessor: Mark Robinson Project Summary Osberton Top Turnover Bridge was a joint project between British Waterways and GallifordTry Construction through the BW North East Omnibus contract. The project involved the reconstruction of a red … Continue reading “Osberton Top Bridge Refurbishment, Chesterfield Canal”

Littlestone Sea Defences

CEEQUAL Excellent (85.1%) – Design & Build Award Version 2, Aug 2003 | Littlestone, England Client: Environment Agency Designer: Environment Agency Construction: Babtie Brown & Root (now KBR) Assessor: David Keeble Project Summary The scheme was promoted by the Environment Agency with funding from DEFRA. Design and supervision of the works was carried out by Babtie … Continue reading “Littlestone Sea Defences”

Wakefield Flood Defence Works

CEEQUAL Excellent (75.6%) – Design & Build Award Version 2, Jun 2003 | Wakefield, England Client: Environment Agency Designers: Arup Construction: Arup and Edmund Nutall Ltd (now BAM Nutall) Project Summary Wakefield has suffered from over a century of severe flooding from the River Calder, causing widespread damage to the area. In response, the Environment Agency commissioned a … Continue reading “Wakefield Flood Defence Works”