CEEQUAL is governed by an overarching methodology and is available in two forms, CEEQUAL for Projects and CEEQUAL for Term Contracts.

Diagram of two forms of CEEQUAL methodology

CEEQUAL for Projects

CEEQUAL for Projects is applicable to all types of civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm works (including the infrastructure associated with building developments) and is divided up into an International edition and a UK & Ireland edition. The difference between the two editions is the question guidance. Each question in the Assessment Manual provides guidance on how best to meet the criteria for scoring credits. This may be by referring to local (i.e. relevant to that country or province) guidance or governing laws that need to be met. Therefore, the CEEQUAL for UK & Ireland Projects Manual refers to English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish law/guidance. Whilst, for example, the CEEQUAL for Sweden Projects Manual refers to Swedish law/guidance.

CEEQUAL for Term Contracts

CEEQUAL for Term Contracts has been specifically created for the assessment of civil engineering and public realm works that are undertaken through contracts over a number of years and in a wide geographical or operational area. Currently, the CEEQUAL for Term Contracts Assessment Manuals are only available for UK & Ireland-based contracts.

Multi-package assessments

Each form of the scheme has a different feescale and is based on the contract value of the project or contracted works or, if applying early in the process, on the client’s or engineer’s estimate of that construction value.

On large and complicated projects, it can be impractical to assess the scheme as just one single project. In such a case multi-package assessment can be applied for.

Using CEEQUAL on large projects: Multi-package Assessments (PDF, 1.3 MB)

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