Step 4: Assessment scope-out

The Assessor reviews the project or contract against the question set in the Manual and decides which questions they think are irrelevant and therefore should be proposed to the Verifier for Scoping-out. The Assessor also sets up the scoping-out process with the Verifier, which usually involves a face-to-face meeting* with the Verifier. The Assessor will provide the Verifier with background information of the project in order for the Verifier to become familiar with the project. The agreed scoping-out of the questions is recorded by the Assessor in the Online Assessment Tool.


Scoping-out process: determines the issues to be assessed and if there are any questions that are irrelevant to the project, (which are then scoped out).

*The Assessor may upload their scope-out proposals and commentary to the Online Assessment Tool and notify the Verifier that they have done so. If they do not do that, they should come to the meeting with proposals and justifications for the questions that will be scoped out, which will then be discussed with the Verifier. If by some other means the Verifier is already sufficiently familiar with the project or contract that a meeting is felt not to be needed, then the scoping can be conducted by conference call or online meeting.

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