How does the CEEQUAL Assessment process work?

CEEQUAL is a self-assessment process that CEEQUAL trained-Assessors use to rigorously assess project or contract performance on management and a range of environmental and social issues of concern, arranged in Version 6 in nine sections.

Assessors use the appropriate CEEQUAL Manual to score performance against questions relevant to the project or contract, Assessors collect evidence supporting their scores for each question, and use our Online Assessment Tool for capturing those scores and evidence. Upon project or contract completion, each Assessment is externally verified by a CEEQUAL-appointed Verifier.

Once the Assessment score is ratified, the project or contract is awarded a percentage score and is then presented with a CEEQUAL Award certificate that demonstrates their level of achievement on the Pass – Good – Very Good – Excellent – Outstanding scale.

Step-by-step guide to the CEEQUAL process

The CEEQUAL Assessment can be split into ten major steps. The following descriptions of each step set out the key features of each Step. The necessary details or each Step are covered in the Assessor Training Course and are set out in the relevant Assessment Process Handbook that is available to Assessors and verifiers.

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Version 6

Find out more about the latest version of CEEQUAL by visiting the CEEQUAL Version 6 webpage.

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