Sustainability rating schemes help projects deliver better outcomes

Chris Broadbent describes the benefits of sustainability rating schemes and how CEEQUAL and BREEAM are coming together in new talk with Construction Climate Challenge.

Chris Broadbent, Managing Director of CEEQUAL and Director, BREEAM Infrastructure, explains how sustainability schemes help project to deliver better outcomes in episode 11 of Construction Climate Talks from Construction Climate Challenge.

Chris discusses the benefits of sustainability rating schemes such as CEEQUAL and BREEAM Infrastructure and outlines the vision for combining the two schemes.

With the cost of sustainability schemes typically around half a percent of the total project cost for smaller projects – and much less for larger projects – the benefits of using the schemes can far outweigh the cost.

Chris highlights how, if correctly managed, the additional cost of a sustainability scheme can be recovered through opportunities that will “enable savings on a greater magnitude”.

The series of Construction Climate Talks from Construction Climate Challenge highlights important issues in climate sustainability with prominent speakers from across the construction industry.

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