International edition of CEEQUAL Version 6 released

The international edition of CEEQUAL Version 6 for projects has been released today (Monday 30 September 2019). The technical manual is now available to download from the Version 6 webpage.

The release of the international edition follows the launch of CEEQUAL Version 6 in June 2019.

Over 750 projects have registered with CEEQUAL since its launch in 2004, making it the world’s longest running and most used sustainability assessment method for civil engineering projects. CEEQUAL is increasingly being used both inside and outside the UK and continues to gather interest in new countries and regions.

Oxford Economics have predicted that $94tn of infrastructure investment will be needed globally between 2016 and 2040. With recognition of the urgent need to address climate change continuing to increase, it is crucial that this worldwide investment is in infrastructure assets that are designed and built sustainably.

CEEQUAL Version 6 has been designed to be used by infrastructure projects in countries around the world that are looking to improve and demonstrate sustainability in planning, design, and construction.

The international edition excludes guidance that is not needed outside the UK & Ireland while maintaining the same underlying Version 6 requirements. Both editions of the technical manual will continue to receive updates as feedback is gathered in use.

This is the third international version of CEEQUAL, with the first international scheme released in 2011 using the Version 4 methodology.

The release of CEEQUAL Version 6 marks the end of the first phase of combining new elements from BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot with the established and successful CEEQUAL Version 5 methodology. The scheme addresses some of the most pressing issues facing industry by introducing new requirements for reducing whole life carbon, designing for resilience, considering circular economy business models, and achieving no net loss in biodiversity.

The latest version of CEEQUAL is open to registrations from projects around the world.

To find out more about CEEQUAL Version 6, and download the latest manual, visit the CEEQUAL Version 6 webpage.