GIB Foundation Kick-Off Meeting of “The Standard Collaboration Project”

Ian Nicholson Director – CEEQUAL & Infrastructure attended the kick-off meeting of collaboration between the world’s leading standards and rating tools for sustainable infrastructure earlier this month, brought together and supported by PPIAF and EBRD.


It was a seminal moment of having all the major infrastructure rating schemes in one room for the first time ever!

Ian Nicholson


The group included infrastructure and sustainability professionals such as GIB (Global Infrastructure Basel), Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, Infrastructure Sustainability Institute and GRESB infrastructure benchmark. Representatives of the World Bank and the European Investment Bank were also present for the discussions.

With funding from PPIAF the group are defining a set of aligned indicators for sustainable and resilient infrastructure, which will be provided as a public good to help investors understand key sustainability features of infrastructure assets, and ultimately to help channel greater finance to more sustainable projects. The initiative will be supported by EBRD.

It is great to have GIB, ISCA, ENVISION, CEEQUAL and GRESB all on board for a productive and collaborative 2-day workshop that sets the stage for the identification of an aligned set of sustainability indicators for infrastructure as a public good for countries and private sector investors. Having EIB joining the workshop and EBRD supporting it also shows Multilateral Development Banks’ common interest in moving this agenda forward.

– Philippe Neves (PPIAF)

Included in the above picture: Melissa Peneycad (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure / ENVISION), Rob Hewlett (ISCA), Ian Nicholson (CEEQUAL), Rick Walters (GRESB), Preslav Menakiev (EIB), Katharina Schneider-Roos (GIB), Philippe Neves (PPIAF) and Kieren Heikkinen (ISCA)

Sustainability is a global issue, it is about the planet and global societies. Consistent data collection is therefore imperative and this workshop is a major step forward to achieving this.

– Ian Nicholson