CEEQUAL Version 6 launched in London & Hong Kong

On Thursday 27th June, CEEQUAL Version 6 was introduced to the global market in two launch events in London and Hong Kong. CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects.

Investors, governments and regulators are increasingly understanding infrastructure as an asset class that should be benchmarked with the same level of insight as buildings. In response to this market demand, CEEQUAL Version 6 provides a global benchmark for infrastructure sustainability to compare projects across markets and regions.

As well as bringing together the two methodologies of CEEQUAL Version 5 and BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot), CEEQUAL Version 6 also includes new assessment issues. After several months of active engagement & consultation with industry, CEEQUAL Version 6 has responded by addressing some of the most pressing challenges the industry faces, including: more detailed assessment of whole life carbon, recognising achievement of net zero carbon; assessment of resilience against natural hazards, intentional threats and climate change; ecological enhancement, including recognising achievement of net gain in addition to no net loss; and consideration of strategies for circular economy.

The launch of Version 6 marks the closure of both BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) and CEEQUAL Version 5 schemes. However, those who have already registered on these schemes are able to continue on them. To aid transition, teams already working on CEEQUAL but who have not yet registered their schemes have until 30 September 2019 to register their projects to Version 5.

In the UK, the CEEQUAL V6 launch was held at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London. In addition to the launch, the audience heard from both the Environment Agency and Heathrow Airport on how they would be using CEEQUAL Version 6 on their projects.

Dr Shamir Ghumra, BREEAM Director said “We are delighted to launch CEEQUAL Version 6. When BRE Global acquired CEEQUAL it was with the stated intention of merging the CEEQUAL and BREEAM Infrastructure methodologies to create a world leading sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure. Today’s launch successfully marks the end of the phase of fully integrating CEEQUAL into BRE Global.”

Ian Nicholson, Director of CEEQUAL and Infrastructure “Over the last months, we have worked with an industry working group to identify the best elements of both schemes and meld them into one. I’m really proud of our team’s hard work in bringing the schemes together. What we have achieved provides a strong foundation from which infrastructure project teams can continue to improve the sustainability of what they deliver.”

Meanwhile in Hong Kong at the ICE HKA and BRE event, the Chairman of ICE HKA Dr Eric Li gave a welcome address introducing the ICE and its commitment to driving sustainability improvements in Civil Engineering. Dr Li said “ICE are delighted to collaborate with BRE to promote CEEQUAL and encourage the industry spending more effort in considering sustainability in civil engineering projects”.

Representing BRE, Ben Pettitt spoke about the research, development, and robust science which underpins the work BRE continuously undertakes in developing its sustainability assessment, rating and awards schemes including CEEQUAL and the BREEAM family of schemes.

Karl Pitman, a CEEQUAL Verifier and Assessor delivered the awareness seminar drawing on his experience of using CEEQUAL to drive higher environmental, social & economic performance in civil engineering. The seminar gave an overview of the key features of CEEQUAL, before exploring the benefits and effects of using CEEQUAL on infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and around the world.

If you require any further information about CEEQUAL Version 6 or CEEQUAL Assessor training, please contact enquiries@ceequal.com.