Expo 2020 dubai site

Supporting Expo 2020 Dubai’s sustainability strategy

Expo 2020 dubai site

Expo 2020 Dubai (starting October 2021 due to COVID19-induced delays) has the objective of connecting people and creating a better future, with sustainability a central theme underpinning the expo.

In line the UAE Centennial 2071 Plan, the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and agenda, Expo 2020 Dubai is aspiring to be one of the most sustainable world expos in history. It also aims to help realise a more sustainable future, by inspiring it’s estimated 25 million visitors to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Expo 2020 Dubai is using CEEQUAL to help achieve these ambitions, achieving CEEQUAL certification on eight of the projects within the Expo, including the Al Wasl Plaza and the public realm. Other key achievements for the site include use of renewable energy sources for half of Expo 2020 Dubai’s energy, and a 25% reduction in potable water use.

To learn more about how Expo 2020 Dubai is achieving it’s sustainability goals with CEEQUAL, read the full story at gulfnews.com


Al Wasl Plaza at Expo 2020 Dubai
Expo 2020 Dubai’s Al Wasl Plaza