Version 6

Version 6 is the latest version of the CEEQUAL methdology. It builds upon the proven processes of the CEEQUAL approach and incorporates learning and developments from BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot. Find out more about CEEQUAL Version 6.

Version 5

Version 5 is the existing version of the CEEQUAL methodology and remains available for projects in the UK until 30 September 2019.

Version 5 completed CEEQUAL’s transition from an environmental assessment and awards scheme to a sustainability assessment and awards scheme. The scheme was revised and updated by CEEQUAL’s panel of experts to reflect advances in industry best practice since the release of Version 4. There are nine sections in CEEQUAL Version 5.

Find out more about CEEQUAL Version 5.

Version 4

You can no longer apply under Version 4 but some projects are still undergoing Version 4 assessments. Find out more about CEEQUAL Version 4.