International Projects

Originally developed from the UK & Ireland Edition, the International Edition of CEEQUAL for Projects is applicable for the assessment of civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects anywhere in the world. It contains the same question set as the UK manual with guidance that has been adapted to be applicable internationally.

International projects: Using CEEQUAL outside the UK and Ireland (PDF, 983 KB)

One major feature of the International Edition is the need to undertake weightings exercises to suit the target country’s cultural influences on sustainability performance and the environmental conditions in the locality of the project – more details are available on request.

Let’s get started…

Using CEEQUAL Version 6, the project team (or whom ever is leading the CEEQUAL Assessment: Client, Designer or Contractor) will need to first choose the type of Assessment they would like to complete.

The Assessment type will be stated on the final certificate.

Choosing your Award type

There are five Assessment types available in CEEQUAL for Projects – one for the whole project team – and four for parts of the team where not all project partners can take part or where individual members of the team would like to have their own role assessed and recognised separately:

  • Whole Project (formerly Whole Team Award) – the full CEEQUAL Assessment applied jointly by the client, designer and principal contractor(s)
  • Strategy & Design – for a joint application by the client and designer
  • Design  – for principal designer(s) only
  • Design & Construction  – for a joint application by the contractor and their designer
  • Construction  – for principal contractor(s) only



The fee payable to CEEQUAL is based on the total consumption value of the project or, if applying early in the process, on the client’s or engineer’s estimates of that construction value.

To find out more, visit the fee scale page of the CEEQUAL website.

Do you have a large or complex project?

For large or complex, multi-package projects, it is possible to undertake separate assessments at the package or sub-project level in a way that enables them to be given individual package scores and for those scores to aggregated into an overall score for the whole project.

To explore this option, please contact us to discuss the options available and the associated fees.

Applying for your Assessment

To apply or your assessment you must fill out an application form. To find the correct form for the scheme you are using, visit our downloads webpage

First time Assessor? You will need to be trained

If you are a first time CEEQUAL Assessor you will need to complete one of our training courses before undertaking a CEEQUAL Assessment. Find an upcoming training course or contact us to express your interest in an international course.

Find out more

Version 6

Find out more about the latest version of CEEQUAL by visiting the CEEQUAL Version 6 webpage.

An international edition of CEEQUAL Version 6 will be available in Autumn 2019. International projects can still register to use Version 6 now by contacting us.

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To discuss using CEEQUAL on your project, please contact us.

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