CEEQUAL is a self-assessment process, carried out by a trained CEEQUAL Assessor using the CEEQUAL manual that best reflects the nature of the project/contract. The completed assessment is then externally verified by a CEEQUAL-appointed Verifier based on the evidence presented for each question, resulting in a ratified CEEQUAL score and rating. Using a copy of the applicable CEEQUAL manual, and our Online Assessment Tool for capturing scores and evidence, the Assessor assesses and records the scores he or she believes to be appropriate for each question that is relevant to the project/contract, together with details of evidence justifying the score. After ratification, CEEQUAL certificates are presented to all project partners at suitable events.

View the step-by-step guide to the CEEQUAL assessment process

It is recommended that a decision to apply for a CEEQUAL assessment is taken as early as practicable in the project or contract. By doing so, the CEEQUAL questions and scoring scales can be used to influence the development of the project or contract and drive best practice on the works. In addition, the evidence to support the scores can be compiled as work progresses. However, note that partially-retrospective assessments are the norm, where questions relevant to actions before application are assessed retrospectively, and then the remaining questions are assessed concurrently with project or contract progress. Fully-retrospective assessments are also possible and no less valid, but may have lower scores than concurrent assessments because issues in the question set may not have been addressed prior to the CEEQUAL assessment.

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