CEEQUAL Version 6

Where can I download a copy of the CEEQUAL Version 6 assessment manual?

The manual is now available from the CEEQUAL Version 6 webpage.

Have any additional sections been added to the new assessment process?

Yes, we have included new sections – such as resilience. Please refer to the information given during the public consultation.

What are the estimated costings for CEEQUAL?

For information on the fees associated with CEEQUAL, please see our fees page.

Will CEEQUAL Version 5.2 continue to exist?

CEEQUAL Version 5.2 has been incorporated into the development of CEEQUAL Version 6 which has superseded Version 5.2. However, we will continue to support all CEEQUAL assessments until their completion date.


I have a CEEQUAL award which was registered before Version 6, can it continue using the previous assessment method? Or will it need to be transferred to the new scheme?

All projects registered with previous CEEQUAL assessments will be supported right through to completion. We currently have projects due to run until 2027.

Can I register my project on CEEQUAL Version 6 now?

Yes, please contact us.

If projects want to upgrade what support will be offered?

We will discuss this on a case by case basis so please contact us.

Is it possible to register with a previous version of the CEEQUAL scheme?

No, projects can no longer register with previous CEEQUAL versions including CEEQUAL Version 5.2.

Can I register my project under BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot)?

This is no longer an option following the release of the Version 6 manual. If you are unsure and have very specific requirements then please contact us.


I am a CEEQUAL Assessor, trained to assess to a previous CEEQUAL Version. Will I need to retrain to assess CEEQUAL Version 6?

Yes, there is an upgrade course which you will need to pass to be able to assess on CEEQUAL Version 6.

As a CEEQUAL Version 6 assessor will I be able to assess other CEEQUAL versions or just the new scheme?

We are planning to ensure that assessors who qualify for the new scheme will also be able to use past versions of the scheme if needed, although we expect this to become increasingly rare.

I am an Assessor for one of the BREEAM building schemes, will I need to retrain to assess CEEQUAL Version 6?

Yes, CEEQUAL Version 6, like BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot), has some significant differences in both process and content to the BREEAM buildings schemes. This means that you will need to retrain as a new assessor.

BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot)

Why have you dropped the BREEAM Infrastructure name?

CEEQUAL was the first sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure in the world and has been used on more than 700 projects. As a result, it’s a very well-known and established brand which has been embedded into numerous organisations policy and procurement documentation since then and this is important and difficult to change. We have therefore decided to maintain CEEQUAL as our brand for sustainability rating in infrastructure. The new brand for CEEQUAL Version 6 is styled to align with BREEAM to demonstrate that it is part of the BREEAM family.

I am already using BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) do I have to upgrade?

No, we are having one to one conversations with each project using BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot to discuss the options and what might be best for each project. We will continue to support all BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot assessments until their completion date.

Will BREEAM Infrastructure continue to exist after the launch of CEEQUAL Version 6?

No, along with CEEQUAL Version 5.2, BREEAM Infrastructure will no longer exist. The learning from BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot is being incorporated into the development of CEEQUAL Version 6. However, we will continue to support all BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot assessments until their completion date.

Term Contracts

Will CEEQUAL Term Contracts be upgraded too?

Yes it will, but not immediately. Our current plan is to upgrade this to bring it into line with CEEEQUAL Version 6 for Projects. We haven’t got a firm programme for this yet but work will commence after CEEQUAL Version 6 has been launched.

Is the pre-registration process applicable to CEEQUAL Term Contracts Version 5.2?

No, the CEEQUAL Version 6 pre-registration process is only applicable to projects. Any infrastructure maintenance/framework contracts should continue to use and apply for CEEQUAL Term Contracts Version 5.2.