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CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects. We promote and celebrate the achievement of high environmental and social performance.

CEEQUAL became part of the BRE Group in November 2015. The scheme now operates alongside BREEAM – bringing together the world’s leading sustainability assessment methods for buildings, masterplanning, and infrastructure.


CEEQUAL aims to deliver improved project specification, design and construction of civil engineering works. CEEQUAL rewards project and contract teams in which clients, designers and contractors go beyond the legal and environmental and social minima to achieve distinctive environmental and social performance in their work. In addition to its use as a rating system to assess performance, it also provides significant influence to project or contract teams as they develop, design and construct their work, because it encourages them to consider the issues in the question set at the most appropriate time.

CEEQUAL was launched in 2003, and more than 260 Final Awards and 100 Interim Client and Design Awards have been achieved. There are 250 further projects and contracts currently being assessed. The accumulative civil engineering value of work that has been or is currently being assessed exceeds £30 billion. With the longest track record of verified sustainability assessments of civil engineering worldwide in the industry, CEEQUAL takes a very broad view of ‘civil engineering’ in including all infrastructure, landscaping and works in the public realm.

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