CEEQUAL Awards are gained by projects and contracts that have been assessed against specific environmental and social criteria by a CEEQUAL-trained Assessor and verified by a CEEQUAL-appointed Verifier.

Award certificates are normally officially presented to recipients by a CEEQUAL representative at an organised event.

Types of Awards

There are six different Awards available for Project Assessments and two Awards for the assessment of Term Contracts.


  • Whole Team Award (formerly Whole Project Award)
  • Interim Client & Design Award
  • Client & Design Award
  • Design Award
  • Design & Construction Award
  • Construction Award

Term Contracts

  • Whole Team Award & Assessment
  • Delivery Team Award & Assessment

Learn more about the different CEEQUAL Awards.

Levels of achievement

CEEQUAL’s Methodology assesses the extent to which the project or contract team has exceeded the statutory and regulatory minima. The Award thresholds, based on the maximum possible score for the work, as scoped by the Assessor and Verifier, are:

  • more than 25% – Pass
  • more than 40% – Good
  • more than 60% – Very Good
  • more than 75% – Excellent (with the actual score being given on the Award Certificate)

For Term Contracts, the scores are given only as a percentage until the final year when the final grade is also given.

The different levels of Awards should not be seen as inferior to each other when comparing a ‘Pass’ to an ‘Excellent’, for example, as they are both beyond the legal minimum of environmental and social performance in the industry. Also some levels of achievement may be unreachable with certain types of projects.

It is not possible to achieve a 100% score due to conflicting environmental or social issues in the assessment.