CEEQUAL Version 6 pre-registration


BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) and CEEQUAL Version 5.2 are being updated and merged into a single assessment scheme, CEEQUAL Version 6 (V6), bringing together the best of both schemes to create a world class infrastructure assessment scheme. It is currently planned to launch this in middle 2019.

We realise that there are infrastructure projects that will be working through their strategy, brief and concept stages throughout 2019 that will wish to register to CEEQUAL Version 6 once launched. However, to ensure they can demonstrate best practice they would ideally need to be considering the requirements of CEEQUAL Version 6 now. We have therefore developed a process that will enable projects to achieve this as far as possible.

The table below outlines different scenarios to illustrate the registration routes available.

Project scenario Project stage (Digital Plan of Works) Recommendation
The project team have a preference for using CEEQUAL Version 5.2 Any Register with CEEQUAL Version 5.2


The project is short term and will be completed in the short to medium term Any
The project has already passed all strategic decision points Already completed Concept (Stage 2)
Certification of project strategy is required during 2019 Strategy, Brief or Concept (Stages 0 to 2) Strategic assessment with BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot and transition to CEEQUAL Version 6 (See below)
Stage gates will be passed and strategic decisions locked in Strategy, Brief or Concept (Stages 0 to 2) CEEQUAL Version 6 Pre-Registration process (See below)
The strategic approach will be developed during 2019 but no stage gates will be passed Strategy (Stage 0) CEEQUAL Version 6 Pre-Registration process (See below)

It must be stressed that there is no requirement for projects commencing prior to the launch of CEEQUAL Version 6 (V6) to use this registration process. Any project can continue to register and assess using CEEQUAL Version 5.2. Applications will be accepted shortly beyond, the V6 June launch date and all assessments will be supported through to their completion.

Similarly, existing BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) assessments can continue using their current criteria.  Should any project already registered with either CEEQUAL or BREEAM Infrastructure wish to transition to CEEQUAL Version 6 they should contact enquiries@ceequal.com

What are the benefits of the Version 6 registration process?

  • Demonstrate best practice at the strategic stage of the project
  • Ensure opportunities are not missed early in the planning and design process
  • Prepare for the anticipated strategic requirements of CEEQUAL Version 6
  • Access technical support ahead of the launch of CEEQUAL Version 6

What is provided?

The Version 6 registration process includes a combination of the following, depending on the chosen route:

  • Strategic stage assessment guidance / strategic stage certification
  • Technical query support
  • Transition support to CEEQUAL Version 6

Do I need training?  

If you are already a qualified CEEQUAL or BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) Assessor then no additional training is required to access the registration process for Version 6. Project teams without a qualified Assessor will need to be train at least one person in one of the existing schemes. CEEQUAL Version 6 upgrade training in the form of an E Learning module or workshop will be announced in July.

How much does it cost?

The fee payable to access and use the pre-registration process is a percentage of the existing scheme feescales (see below). This fee will be discounted from the CEEQUAL Version 6 fee when the project is registered in the future. This means that no project will pay more than if they waited to register with CEEQUAL Version 6 once it has launched.

The fees payable are as follows:

Pay 50% of the first instalment of the existing CEEQUAL fee (for relevant project value) This will provide access to the pre-registration guidance, technical support, transition support to CEEQUAL Version 6, and the draft manual.

Any project that registers on CEEQUAL Version 5.2 through to completion will pay the current, published CEEQUAL fee. There will be no pre-registration fees payable.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in using any of the CEEQUAL Version 6 pre-registration routes, please email enquiries@ceequal.com