Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Project – Main Trunk Sewer

CEEQUAL Good – Design and Construction Award Version 5, June 2019 | Doha, Qatar Winner – CEEQUAL Outstanding Achievement Awards 2019 – Water Environment & Resources Client: ASHGHAL – Public Works Authority Designer: AECOM/BYTP Contractors: BOUYGUES/UCC JV Sustainability/Environmental Consultant: Jacobs (CH2M) Project Management Consultant: Jacobs (CH2M) Assessors: Aza Elnimah and Tim Bell, KEO International Consultants … Continue reading “Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Project – Main Trunk Sewer”


CEEQUAL Excellent (87.4%) – Construction Only Award Version 5, January 2018 | Stockholm, Sweden Contractor: Skanska Sverige AB  Assessor: Linda Strand (Skanska Sverige AB) Project Summary Bornsjön is a water conservation area and Stockholm Water and waste reservoir. Bornsjön is also of great significance for the entire Stockholm County as it is the only reserve water … Continue reading “Bornsjöverket”

Water and sewage system in Tye

Water and Sewage System in Tye

CEEQUAL Excellent (87.9%) – Whole Team Award Version 5, February 2018 | Tye, Sweden Winner – CEEQUAL Outstanding Achievement Awards 2019 – Community & Stakeholder Relations Client: Hammarö kommun (Municipality); Designers: Skanska Sverige AB, SWECO, Ramböll; Contractors: Skanska Sverige AB (Väg & Anläggning Väst); Assessors:  John Nyberg, Louise Alström, and Johanna Löfroth (Skanska Sverige AB) … Continue reading “Water and Sewage System in Tye”

Storåselva Kraftverk

CEEQUAL Very Good (69.5%) – Construction Only Award Version 5, March 2018 | Snåsa, Norway Client: NTE Energi AS Contractor: Skanska Norge AS Assessors: Henning Fjeldheim (Skanska) Project summary Storåselva power plant is a new compact hydropower project outside Snåsa in Trøndelag. The developer is Nord-Trøndelag Electricity Works (NTE). It is the first project to … Continue reading “Storåselva Kraftverk”

Arlanda Långtidsparkering

Arlanda Långtidsparkering

CEEQUAL Excellent (78.5%) – Whole Team Award Version 5, October 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden Client: Arlandastad Öst AB/Swedavia AB Designer: WSP Sverige AB Contractor: Svensk Entreprenad Teknik AB Assessor: Katarina Wärmark (WSP Sverige AB) Project summary Travel through Stockholm Arlanda airport keeps increasing (about 6 million more travellers today than 2010) and a new airport city-area is … Continue reading “Arlanda Långtidsparkering”

Highway E4 Rotebro

Highway E4, Rotebro

CEEQUAL Very Good – Whole Project Award + Interim Version 4, March 2016 | Rotebro, Sweden Client: Swedish Transport Administration Design: Centerlöf & Holmberg / ÅF Construction: NCC Construction Sweden AB Assessors: Kristine Ek, Ragnhild Karlsson Project summary The Swedish Transport Administration needed to replace two bridges on the E4 highway, at one of Sweden’s busiest junctions – Rotebro – as the technical … Continue reading “Highway E4, Rotebro”

Flens Framtida Vattenförsörjning

Flens Framtida Vattenförsörjning

CEEQUAL Excellent (75.5%) – Design Only Award Version 5, May 2017 | Flen, Sweden Design: WSP Assessor: Rebecca Johansson and Katarina Wärmark (WSP) Project summary The ‘Flens framtida vattenförsörjning’ project aims to secure the future water demand and quality in Flen, Sweden. WSP was contracted for the design of a new 20 kilometre pipeline to … Continue reading “Flens Framtida Vattenförsörjning”

Akvarteren, Lomma Hamn

Åkvarteren, Lomma Hamn

CEEQUAL Very Good – Whole Project Award Version 4, January 2012 | Lomma, Sweden Highly Commended – CEEQUAL Outstanding Achievement Awards 2013 – Land Use Client: Skanska Nya Hem Design: Tyréns, Sydväst, Sweco Construction: Skanska Sverige AB, Väg och Anläggning Syd Assessor: Gary Rogerson Project summary Åkvarteren is a 25,000 m2 regeneration project to create a … Continue reading “Åkvarteren, Lomma Hamn”

Trafikplats Jara Gard

Trafikplats Jära Gård

CEEQUAL Very Good – Construction Only Award Version 4, Jan 2012 | Jönköping, Sweden Client: Trafikverket Design: Norconsult AB Construction: Skanska Sverige AB, Väg och Anläggning Syd Assessor: Gary Rogerson Project Summary Project Jära Gård, close to Jönköping in Sweden, comprises of the construction of a new in-situ concrete bridge that will create a grade separated junction. … Continue reading “Trafikplats Jära Gård”

Trafikplats Jung

Trafikplats Jung

CEEQUAL Very Good – Construction Only Award Version 4, Jan 2013 | Kvänum, Sweden Client: Trafikverket Designer: Trafikverket Construction: Skanska Sverige AB Assessor: Gustav Larsson, John Nyberg, Anna Haradlsson (All Skanska) Verifier: Ailsa Collin (Halcrow) Project Summary Skanska was contracted by Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) to carry out the transformation of the existing crossroad highway … Continue reading “Trafikplats Jung”