Wrexham Technology Park Wrexham Gateway Phase 1 Infrastructure: Croesnewydd Road Junction

CEEQUAL Excellent (82%) – Whole Project Award
Version 4, May 2013 | Wrexham, UK (Wales)

Client: Wrexham County Borough Council
Design: Wrexham County Borough Council
Construction: Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd

Assessor: Gemma Fenn (Fenn Environmental)
Verifier: Lucinda Farrington (VolkerStevin Ltd)

Project Summary

The work improved the horizontal alignment of Croesnewydd Road in the vicinity of Croesnewydd Bridge and the construction of a junction at its intersection with the proposed development of Wrexham Western Gateway.

The project involved constructing a pre cast concrete culvert just upstream of the bridge, demolition of the existing bridge, construction of a new section of road to improve the horizontal alignment and inclusion of the new junction together with taking down existing lighting columns and erecting new ones, relocation of an attenuation pond, drainage works and provision of ducts for future street lighting.

The new road improved the safety of the area through the removal of the weight limited bridge and associated bad bend. It also improves access through the provision of pedestrian and cycle paths.

It has always been part of the project aims to use CEEQUAL on this and the other elements of the Wrexham Western Gateway Development.


Challenges faced


Works information and draft project plans provided to the contractor highlighted the requirements of CEEQUAL and the commitment of the scheme to sustainable development. These documents were used to develop the CEMP, this ensured that all important environmental aspects were identified.

For a small site it was constrained by the River Gwenfro and the installation of the box culvert was a key element of the works.
Stone was also put down in the site compound, as the area has been identified for further housing development, this stone has been left in position for the next construction compound.

Material Use

The scheme was designed to make use of as much available on site material as possible. Over 50% of all of the materials required for the scheme were won from the site, with 100% of the topsoil won on site stockpiled during the works and used on the project.

Land Use & Landscape Issues

The landscaping scheme builds on and further develops the landscaping features of the site, linking isolated elements of habitat and developing the wet woodland area.

Ecology and Biodiversity

During initial surveys the presence of an otter was identified within the site area. An otter licence was obtained from the Welsh Assembly Government and strict Method Statements were in place for working in the otter habitat, which included the installation of temporary and permanent fencing.

An otter ledge has been incorporated in the culvert and the area will continue to be monitored by Wrexham County Borough Council Biodiversity Officers.

Water Resources and the Water Environment

The proximity and temporary diversion of the River Gwenfro, along with often challenging weather conditions provided the greatest challenges concerning the water environment.

Effects on Neighbours & Relations with the Local Community and other Stakeholders

A key requirement identified through initial consultation was to keep the road open to traffic throughout construction. Through careful planning this was achieved, even when the bridge was being demolished.

Although this was seen to be a positive project, consultation with the local community continued throughout construction, and will continue into the next phases of the Gateway Development via Wrexham County Borough Council’s website and a dedicated newsletter and twitter feed.

The project was part of the Considerate Contractor scheme. The project team distributed a community questionnaire as well as providing work experience opportunities.

The completed project links to other cycle paths within the area and provides a new footpath.

A temporary footpath was put in place during construction – as seen below.

To what extent did the use of CEEQUAL influence your project?

Sustainable Development has been a key element of the Wrexham Technology Park from the outset. This is reflected by the commitment to utilise CEEQUAL and BREEAM on all of the elements of the park.

As this road junction was the first element of the development, and this CEEQUAL Award the first for Wrexham, it has raised awareness of what to consider and when to consider it.

The use of CEEQUAL has also identified areas where improvements could be made, and set a benchmark for the remainder of the development.

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