West Truro Retail Park

CEEQUAL Excellent (79.6%) – Construction Only Award
Version 5, Apr 2016 | Truro, England, UK

Highly Commended – CEEQUAL Outstanding Achievement Awards 2016 – Waste Management

Constructor: CORMAC Contracting Ltd

Assessor: Richard Beeks (CORMAC Solutions Ltd)
Verifier: Catherine Pinney (Ceres Associates)


CEEQUAL was used as a tool to drive best practice in the sustainable construction of this brownfield-site commercial development on the outskirts of the city. The project team challenged all aspects of the scheme, fully engaging the Local Highway Authority in innovation and using new methods for civil engineering construction and 84% of material was recycled. The success of this scheme demonstrates how CEEQUAL benefits the environment, the industry, clients and stakeholders.

In addition to improving the specification and design of the scheme, dialogue with the Local Highway Authority has stimulated consideration of changing approved specifications to enable improved environmental performance. This project has gone beyond standard practice in the management of waste, combining the use and management of materials with resource and energy efficiencies.  The resulting improved scheme celebrates the success of the CEEQUAL approach and recognises excellence in civil engineering projects.

Resource Use and Waste Management


The success of this project was driven through extensive recycling of materials, and the environmental monitoring and control of the localised site area. A significant amount of coordination and planning resulted in 84% of material recycled from site (such as old kerb lines) or re-used from other nearby projects within a cluster of sites.

The scheme required long sections of temporary footway to be provided for pedestrians over established verges.  However, in the improved method the use of ‘Track Boards’ over the existing ground meant that no topsoil was disturbed and no additional materials were needed to be imported.  The bedding and surround material for drainage pipes and services came from local Second Source china clay aggregates and from crushed glass waste product from the ‘unusable’ element of bottle recycling plants.

The biggest innovative step forward was the use of a wholly recycled sub-base, using crushed concrete and recycled planings produced in-house by specialist plant. The product is approved, and has added advantages of being exempt from Aggregate Tax, giving the added bonus of being commercially competitive. The product performed so well that it was used on the continuing phases of the development and by other local developers.

This has led to a change in approach across the business with recycled sub-base becoming standard practice.  The Highway Authority has also responded by being open to alternative use of materials such as recycled plastic kerbs which save materials and energy on many levels.

Energy and water

CORMAC Contracting Ltd set up and constantly monitored resource targets for consumption of fuel, energy, water, transport and waste. Green Tariff was selected to provide energy to the site cabins, hybrid traffic control equipment was selected for low energy use and minimum maintenance. Water saving techniques included reuse of surface water harvested for site operations such as tool and equipment washing and the suppression of site dust used water harvested from the roofs of contractors’ buildings.  All plant and equipment was selected to be Tier 4 Emission Regulations compliant and all haulage was managed to ensure full loads on all trips to and from site.