Shieldhall Strategic Solution

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CEEQUAL Excellent (90.3%) – Client & Design Award
Version 5, Dec 2014 | Glasgow, Scotland

Sustainability Strategy Rating: Excellent (93.0%)

Client: Scottish Water
Designer: CH2M with  MWH (sub-consultant)

Assessor: Susan McIvor

Project summary

Scottish Water determined, through the Glasgow Strategic Studies (GSS) Value Management process, that a new tunnelled sewer to relieve the existing South Side No.1 Sewer in Glasgow is the preferred strategic hydraulic solution to deliver regulatory drivers for the Shieldhall catchment. The new sewerage tunnel is to be constructed from Queens Drive through Queens Park, Pollok Park and Bellahouston Park, connecting into the existing network at Craigton Industrial estate adjacent to the Ayr to Paisley railway line.

The aim of this diversion is to reduce surcharging and backing up of sewerage within the existing system, addressing flooding and Water Quality (WQ) needs identified at Kinning Park Pumping Station, St. Andrews Road CSO, Aikenhead, Burnfield and other key locations.

The Strategic Solution requires construction works to be undertaken in several areas.

The Strategic Tunnel will comprise of a 5.46km long gravity sewer, with a nominal internal diameter of 4650mm. A total of 5No. 15,000 mm internal diameter shafts will be incorporated along the route. The 5No. shafts form part of the permanent works and act as part of the storage of the system, which is approximately 90,000 cubic metres. The tunnel has been sized to convey the Dry Weather Flow (DWF) and provide an increased Peak Flow Factor (PFF) during storm conditions. The tunnel will also provide a significant amount of online storage. No head room has been included in the design of the tunnel.

The new sewer relieves the existing sewerage network and provides the necessary flow conveyance and storm storage. The upstream connection point of the proposed tunnel to the existing network is at Queens Drive, adjacent to Queens Park. From this point, the tunnel shall run to the west side of Glasgow, tying into the network again at Barfillan Drive, Craigton Industrial Estate.

The scheme was assessed using CEEQUAL to Client & Design Award. The construction of the scheme is also being assessed using CEEQUAL. On 7 October 2015 the Excellent Client & Design Award was presented to project team members. A photograph from the presentation is included below: