Poole Twin Sails Bridge

CEEQUAL Very Good – Construction Only Award
Version 4, Sep 2013 | Poole, UK (England)

Client: Poole Borough Council
Contractor: Hochtief Construction

Assessor: Derek Walter (Hochtief UK) and Julian Gregory (Ecovigour)
Verifier: Karl Pitman (Pitman Associates)

Project Summary

The purpose of this project was to construct an iconic lifting bridge to supplement the existing bridge across the Backwater Channel in Poole Dorset.

The town was experiencing traffic congestion during tourist high seasons when marine and highway traffic was high and the bridge was being lifted frequently. The design was developed by Rambolls (then Giffords) and the project let as a construction project with Contractor Designed elements.

Hochtief were appointed as Principal Contractor and works commenced in mid 2010. The idea was that using a system of VMS signs and traffic signals, traffic would be directed to which ever bridge was open and hence congestion would be reduced. Another purpose of the scheme was to open the former Poole Power Station site for development, as this area of the town was run down and derelict.

The construction of the bridge required dredging and piling within the Backwater Channel, the installation of M&E Equipment and the construction of a new Control Room.