Pool Green Roundabout


CEEQUAL Excellent (78.5%) – Construction Only Award
Version 5, Nov 2015 | Rotherham, England

Client: Rotherham Borough Council
Contractor: Eurovia Contracting

Assessor: Siobhan Riordan (Eurovia Contracting)

Project summary

The Pool Green roundabout scheme in Rotherham, which was awarded its CEEQUAL Award certificate in November 2015, was chosen to be the pilot to test the CEEQUAL standard and rate Eurovia’s performance. Eurovia Contracting North replaced the Pool Green roundabout with a signalised junction to improve traffic flows. The £3.4 million scheme, which ended in Summer 2015, also involved providing surface-level pedestrian crossings in place of subways. This project is the first Eurovia has assessed under a national awards scheme for improving sustainability.

This development – for Rotherham Borough Council under the Midlands Highway Alliance framework – was a great opportunity for Eurovia to review its processes, benchmark performance and promote innovations. Lewis Bridgman, the Eurovia Site Agent, gathered all the relevant data throughout the scheme including evidence of activities designed to enhance the ongoing sustainability of the development.

“CEEQUAL is a great platform for applying our understanding of sustainability and embedding it in project delivery,” says Lewis.

The works affected three locally important routes – the A630 Centenary Way, Main Street and Masbrough Street.

“In implementing CEEQUAL on Pool Green, we have shown a fundamental appreciation of the needs of local people and businesses directly affected by the scheme and how we can minimise our impact on the local environment.”

Lewis adds: “CEEQUAL also rewards and encourages scheme designers and contractors to deliver wider community enhancements while maximising project performance and cost savings, which is essential to any public realm scheme.”

Having completed this scheme, Eurovia are now reviewing others around the country where the CEEQUAL process may be beneficial. It depends to some degree on the client’s appetite, as early involvement provides greater opportunity for making schemes as sustainable as possible. The CEEQUAL Scheme will become part of the offer to new clients that the contractor makes, and it’s an extremely useful way of validating the good work we’re already doing and spurring us to keep improving.

Working through the CEEQUAL process has prompted improvements in waste minimisation, resource use, reducing complaints and environmental incidents. This commitment to continuous improvement is what clients will be looking for as their expectations of sustainability standards are rising.

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