M4M5 Smart Motorway Scheme

CEEQUAL Good – Whole Team Award
Version 5, Sep 2014 | Bristol, England

Client: Highways Agency
Designer: Atkins
Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Assessor: Pam Hobson

Project summary

The M4M5 was a Managed Motorways scheme constructed by Balfour Beatty, on behalf of the Highways Agency, around the Almondsbury Interchange near Bristol. The working area of the construction site in most locations was just over 3.5m, the width of the hard shoulder.

In total the scheme covered 7 miles of motorway between junction 17 to 15 of the M5 and 20-19 of the M4. The work was all carried out within the highway boundary, with no additional land take required, with the principal construction being the provision of emergency refuge areas and erection of cross carriageway gantries.