Coosebean Greenway

CEEQUAL Excellent (77.3%) – Whole Project Award
Version 4, Jan 2014 | Truro, England

Client: Cornwall Council
Designer: Cormac Solutions Ltd
Contractor: Cormac Contracting Ltd

Assessor: Emma Savage

Project summary

Coosebean Greenway (Pedestrian & Cycle Route) has been constructed in order to provide a safer route for users than the existing Highertown Corridor. The aim of the works is to promote sustainable transport methods to and from the city centre, the Treliske industrial Area and Truro College educational area of the city.

The works pass through a greenfield site and were designed to minimise the effects on this area whilst providing a high quality route for the users.

The works included:

• Earthworks
• Construction of path, including surfacing
• Provision of streetlights
• Alterations to an existing road junction
• Provision of seating and bins