Åkvarteren, Lomma Hamn

Akvarteren, Lomma Hamn

CEEQUAL Very Good – Whole Project Award
Version 4, January 2012 | Lomma, Sweden

Highly Commended – CEEQUAL Outstanding Achievement Awards 2013 – Land Use

Client: Skanska Nya Hem
Design: Tyréns, Sydväst, Sweco
Construction: Skanska Sverige AB, Väg och Anläggning Syd

Assessor: Gary Rogerson

Project summary

Åkvarteren is a 25,000 m2 regeneration project to create a residential development in a former industrial landscape at Lomma Harbour. The site is situated on an area historically reclaimed from the sea using dredging and other fill materials. This in combination with the past industrial activities resulted in a site that needed to be cleaned up before becoming a suitable place for people to live.

The project is a turnkey contract with Skanska Residential Development (client) and Skanska Civil, Southern Region (contractor). The works comprise the demolition of old industrial buildings, paved surfaces, remediation to treat contamination, new water and sewage systems, construction of new access routes, foundation works for houses to be built, and landscape paving and planting. The project started in 2007 and two (of three) sections were completed and occupied by the end of 2011.

Skanska Sweden carried out a CEEQUAL Whole Project Award to assess how well environmental and social aspects have been dealt with throughout the project by all parties involved. Another aim was for the Skanska team to understand the CEEQUAL process, how this could be applied to other projects in the future and what benefits it could bring to our clients.



The project scored well in both the Land Use and Waste Management sections. This is largely a result of the extensive remediation work carried out to make the site suitable for residential development and the high proportion of materials that were recycled for reuse in the project.

As a pilot scheme, one of the main aims was to understand the current level of environmental performance and identify areas that could be improved. One of the main benefits of using CEEQUAL was the external verification of evidence which gives a level of confidence to the client that social and environmental issues area properly addressed.


Examples of measures taken;

  • 100% reuse of sand, tarmac, bricks and concrete within the project.
  • 75% reuse of excavated materials within the project.
  • Preservation of existing willow trees along the river promenade.