A6 Randalstown to Toome Dualling

CEEQUAL Excellent (83%) – Interim Client & Design Award
Version 5, August 2014 | Northern Ireland, UK

Client: DRD Road Service
Designer: URS

Assessor: Peter Shaw

Project Summary

The scheme is a dual carriageway with no private accesses, no central reserve crossovers and with the minimum of junctions. This standard of dual carriageway has considerable safety benefits for the road user. The scheme leads traffic onto a 7.3 kilometre long dual carriageway, constructed between Randalstown and Toome. The existing single carriageway Moneynick Road will be retained to provide local access to Moneynick and surrounding area. The proposed scheme will:

  • Begin at the western end of the M22 motorway at Randalstown;
  • Continue offline to the south of the existing Moneynick Road in a combination of cutting and embankment, through a drumlin landscape;
  • Join the Toome bypass, east of Toome at the Drumderg Roundabout.
  • A new compact grade-separated junction at the end of the M22 Motorway will connect to the Moneynick Road at Randalstown, facilitating local access east to Randalstown, and west towards Toome.