What is the role of the Assessor?

  • Take the lead in carrying out the assessment
  • Propose scoping and reach agreement with the Verifier
  • Arrange the scoping and verification meetings
  • Collect the evidence and upload it on the Online Assessment Tool
  • Inform the Verifier that the assessment is ready for verification
  • Meet the Verifier for the verification meeting
  • Respond to the Verifier’s queries
  • Comply with the CEEQUAL Code of Conduct.

Completing our assessors course provides the assessor training needed to become a certified CEEQUAL Assessor.

How do I become a CEEQUAL Assessor?

A member of a project or contract team needs to attend the two-day CEEQUAL Assessor training course appropriate to the type of assessment to be undertaken – Projects or Term Contracts. The assessors course provides the training necessary to enable participants to carry out CEEQUAL assessments. Participants must pass the test at the end of the assessors course. By successfully completing our assessor training courses and passing the end test, participants will become certified CEEQUAL Assessors for Projects or Term Contracts as appropriate, and receive an appropriate signed certificate.

For Projects

Prospective Projects Assessors must successfully complete either:

  • a two-day Projects training course; or
  • (if already an existing Term Contracts Assessor) an extension training session on Projects, arranged on demand.

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For Term Contracts

Prospective Term Contract Assessors must successfully complete either:

  • a two-day Term Contract training course; or
  • (if already an existing Projects Assessor) a 1-day extension training courses on Term Contracts.

If you are interested in attending a CEEQUAL Term Contracts Assessor training course, please email