Assessment types


There are five assessment types available under CEEQUAL Version 6 for Projects (both UK & Ireland and International schemes):

  • Whole Project (formerly Whole Team)
    The full CEEQUAL Assessment applied jointly by the client, designer, and principal contractor(s).
  • Strategy & Design
    Joint application by the client and designer. This can be achieved before construction has started and can be applied for in a situation where approval for the construction stage has not yet been secured, or where the contractor does not wish to participate in a Whole Team Award.
  • Design
    Principal designer(s) only. This can be useful to enable the designer to secure experience of CEEQUAL without the involvement of the other parties to the project, or where the designer wishes to gain recognition for their contribution to a project when the client and contractor do not wish to participate.
  • Design & Construction
    Joint application by the contractor and their designer. This can be useful where the designer and contractor wish to gain recognition for their contribution to a project but the client does not wish to participate.
  • Construction
    Principal contractor(s) only. This is useful to enable the contractor to secure experience of CEEQUAL without the involvement of the other parties to the contract, or where the contractor wishes to gain recognition for their contribution to a project when the client and designer to do not wish to participate.

In addition to the five assessment types above, assessments can also be verified at stages as the project progresses, including strategy stage, design stage, and – for Whole Project assessments – interim design stage.

  • Strategy & Interim Design
    Only available as part of a Whole Project assessment. This enables project teams to add a verified Assessment during the design stage of a Whole Project assessment. The stage in the design process at which the interim assessment is undertaken can be chosen by the applicant to best suit their needs and procurement process. The client and designer can then secure recognition for their contribution to the project at this early stage on their way to a Whole Project assessment, and a Strategy & Interim Design assessment can even be applied for before the contractor is appointed. The benefit of an interim assessment is that the applicant can decide how far through the design they wish the verified assessment to take place. In this circumstance, the interim assessment is superseded once the project is finished and the Whole Project assessment completed.

Using CEEQUAL for large, complicated and long duration projects/programmes

On large and complicated projects, it can be impractical to assess the scheme as just one single project. In such a case multi-package assessments can be applied for. This enables separate CEEQUAL assessments of individual packages of works to be completed. The individual package scores are then aggregated on the basis of the individual package contract values to give an overall Whole Project assessment for the project or programme.

Multi-package assessments: Using CEEQUAL on large projects (PDF, 1.3 MB)

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Term Contracts

CEEQUAL for Term Contracts is currently available under Version 5 of the overarching CEEQUAL methodology. Unlike the CEEQUAL for Projects scheme, there are just two assessment/award types available for the Term Contracts Scheme. These are independent of whether the works are assessed using the Maintenance Assessment Manual, the Construction Assessment Manual, or a combination.

  • Whole Team Award & Assessment
    Available for use when the client mandates the use of CEEQUAL on a contract. Under this award ‘Section 1: Client Contract Strategy’ is mandatory and the contract is assessed using Sections 1 to 9.
  • Delivery Award & Assessment
    Available for where the contractor(s) and designer(s) making up the contract delivery team wish to use CEEQUAL to assess their performance without the direct instruction or involvement of the Client. With this award, ‘Section 1: Client Contract Strategy’ is omitted from the assessment and the delivery team assess their performance only against Sections 2 to 9.

The difference between the two available Assessments is whether the project team would wish to assess their project using the newly added ‘Contract Strategy’ section included for the first time as part of Version 5.

The Contract Strategy section (which is optional) assesses how the project team has related their project to the wider sustainability agenda surrounding civil engineering and infrastructure projects, and their contribution to ‘sustainable development’.

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