CEEQUAL offers a range of training courses designed to prepare individuals of varying knowledge to a high standard in order to undertake a formal CEEQUAL Assessment. The nature of the CEEQUAL Scheme normally means that course attendees usually have prior experience and interest in either civil engineering, public realm works or in environment and sustainability issues. A knowledge base in either of those areas will be very helpful in the process of an Assessment. However, there is no need to be an ‘expert’ in either of these areas to go through the training process and become a successful Assessor.


Assessor training comes in two parts: a 2-day Assessor Training Course, and mentoring from the Verifier when the Assessor undertakes their first Assessment and is available for CEEQUAL Projects (for UK & IrelandInternational) and CEEQUAL for Term Contracts.

Entry onto the training course is not limited to those who are members of a project team applying for an Award. The training course can be attended by anyone interested in improving the performance of civil engineering and/or public realm works. So it can be used as an element of Continuing Professional Development.

The Assessor training course has been designed so that everyone who completes it successfully will be able to undertake an Assessment. The course is led by Ian Nicholson, CEEQUAL Technical Director, or Karl Pitman, Senior CEEQUAL Verifier.

Note: It is necessary to undertake a CEEQUAL Assessor Training Course prior to applying for a formal verified Assessment, as CEEQUAL Assessments must and can only be carried out by a CEEQUAL-trained Assessor.

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