Below is a number of testimonials from industry experts and users of CEEQUAL:

Sir John Armitt CBE (Chairman of the 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority)
“It is very good for the industry and profession to have challenging tools like CEEQUAL available to us to test out and measure our performance. I want to thank CEEQUAL for all its work in developing the assessment scheme for the use and benefit of civil engineering and society.”

Nigel Sagar (Senior Sustainability Manager, Skanska)
“CEEQUAL not only covers environmental aspects, but broadens out into the wider sustainability agenda. The whole project team develops a good team ethos and makes you more competitive between contracts.”

Mike de Silva (Sustainability Manager, Crossrail) 
“Using CEEQUAL has been instrumental in driving performance forward and sets the bar for other contractors we used to follow. CEEQUAL is now a mature tool and Version 5 raises that bar even higher.”

Ann Cousins (Sustainability Consultant, Arup)
“CEEQUAL ensured that sustainability was an important design consideration from the outset. Design decisions took into account sustainability outcomes, and additional sustainability opportunities were sought and considered at key points.”

Paul Panini (Environment and Sustainability Manager, GNGE Alliance)
“CEEQUAL played a huge role as the main driver for the delivery and implementation of the vast majority of the environmental and sustainable improvements initiated on the project.”

Emma Clark (Project Developer, E.ON)
“The CEEQUAL Assessment tool provides a framework for those involved in the design, construction and operation of a project to integrate environmental, social and sustainability benefits and to gain acknowledgement for sustainability measures that are being incorporated into the project.”

John Logan (Sustainability Manager Scotland, Sir Robert McAlpine)
“CEEQUAL should be considered for inclusion as a contractual element of all public sector civil engineering projects, with minimum standards set. This will set responsibilities and performance levels from project conception. CEEQUAL provides consistency in raising awareness and standards across the industry, whether it is a public or private sector project. With the inclusion of the new Project Strategy section I think the focus towards socio-economic issues would blend very nicely with public sector contracts containing community benefits clauses.”

Dr Shamir Ghumra (Head of Sustainability, Aggregate Industries)
“The latest version of the main CEEQUAL methodology includes a new chapter on project strategy. This begins to ask questions about the wider sustainability impacts of the project. For me, this is where CEEQUAL has moved from being a largerly environmentally and socially orientated tool to a more holistic sustainability assessment approach. CEEQUAL has been reasonably quick to adapt to changes in legislation and trends in the marketplace which makes the latest version that much more useful to a wide range of projects.”

Tertius Beneke (Environmental Manager, Network Rail)
“CEEQUAL has helped us highlight and drive our EMS on our projects, and makes us more sustainable, which in turn makes us more competitive in the industry.”

Roland Tarrant (SRB Civil Engineering)
“We aredelighted with our assessment score and found the scheme very beneficial to our delivery of the M9 j1a Project and have implemented many new processes into our current projects as a result.”

John Trounson (Senior Project Manager, National Grid)
“We are really pleased to receive an ‘Excellent’ rated award for sustainability considering the many engineering and environmental challenges involved with our project. Finding innovative solutions to these challenges has provided huge environmental benefits as well as proving to be cost effective.”

Steven Brown (Roads & Infrastructure Manager, Transport Scotland)
“CEEQUAL does help encourage a sustainable thinking across the whole multidisciplinary design team. We appointed ‘Sustainable Champions’ in-house and that helped streamline and improve communication between the Assessor and each of the teams. In most cases the ‘Sustainable Champions’ were the same people as the ‘CEEQUAL Champions’. I do believe that CEEQUAL does provide something measurable in terms of sustainability, whereas a sustainability agenda is normally qualitative.”

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