Future development

We’re bringing together two successful sustainability rating schemes – CEEQUAL and BREEAM Infrastructure – to create a single international best practice standard for civil engineering projects.

Since November 2015, CEEQUAL has been part of the BRE Group and the BREEAM family of international sustainability standards. We are currently operating two sustainability assessment and certification schemes for infrastructure projects: CEEQUAL and BREEAM Infrastructure. At the same time, we are developing the next version that will take over from both when launched in late summer 2018. This will bring together the experience and track record of CEEQUAL with the new thinking of BREEAM Infrastructure to create the best of the two schemes. The result will be a single best practice sustainability standard for civil engineering projects.

Building on the success of CEEQUAL

Launched in 2003, CEEQUAL was the first sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure and, with over 700 project registrations, it has become an internationally recognised sustainability assessment, rating and award scheme for civil engineering works. It has been successfully used on Crossrail, the London 2012 Olympics, the Queensferry Crossing and many other projects of all types and scale. It is used around the world in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia as well as in the UK. Since acquiring CEEQUAL in 2015, BRE has secured CEEQUAL’s continued success and in the new version will ensure its ongoing legacy.

BREEAM Infrastructure was developed in response to calls for a more science based, outcome focused approach to assessing infrastructure sustainability and is being piloted with HS2, Tideway and six other projects. The next version will be a response to industry preference for a single scheme, rather than two in competition, and the move of CEEQUAL to BRE in late 2015 facilitated this.

What is the best approach to take now?

The earlier you engage with a scheme – no matter which version – the better able you will be to achieve and recognise good sustainability outcomes. 

CEEQUAL is delivering significant value to the 250 or so current projects and these together with new project registrations will be supported through to completion. Register your project with CEEQUAL before summer 2018 if you wish to stick with the familiarity of the current version or if your project is likely to complete before 2022. Longer term projects and those making key project decisions before the next version is introduced, and who wish to transition to the next version when it starts, should contact us to agree the best route to take.

Both CEEQUAL Assessors and BREEAM Infrastructure Assessors will be able to upgrade their training to the next version when the time comes. We will update Assessors nearer the time with the details of how to upgrade.

How can I get involved?

The current development work is being guided by a specially appointed working group of users and experts from both CEEQUAL, BREEAM, and industry backgrounds. People working internationally and from different sectors are represented to ensure we are listening to a diverse knowledge base. We welcome feedback from sector experts, our assessor network, clients, and the wider infrastructure community.

Please contact us to give any comments you have on CEEQUAL, BREEAM Infrastructure, or the on-going development work. A formal period of consultation will be held before the next scheme is launched and all the details will be available here on the CEEQUAL website.