Dundee Central Waterfront Infrastructure Project

Construction Only Award

Project Team
Client: Dundee City Council
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Project summary

An ‘Excellent’ CEEQUAL Construction Only Award was achieved by Dundee City Council and Sir Rober McAlpine on stage 3 of the Dundee Central Waterfront Infrastructure Project – Northern Ramp Replacement and Boulevard Provision.

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The construction work carried out by Sir Robert McAlpine comprised the following:

• Phased service diversions and major junction realignment at Riverside Roundabout.
• Staged demolition of the three elevated Northern On/Off Ramps including pile-caps.
• Two stage construction of Marketgait Bridge incorporating two stage propping of the deck to allow replacement of 3 no. existing piers.
• Strengthening of the existing deck with carbon fibre plate, waterproofing plinth replacement and concrete repairs to existing deck, whilst accommodating live traffic on the existing Tay Road Bridge.
• Diversion of the Hatton Rising Main that carries pumped foul water in an east/west direction through the site.
• Construction of temporary at-grade diversion routes.
• Provision of a new three lane Northern Boulevard and strategic drainage connecting the proposed junction arrangement at Riverside Roundabout to the new Ramp and temporary Route Layout.

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• Installation of below ground works for 4 no. new phased signalised road junctions.
• Protection and diversion of buried pipes and services.
• Installation of road drainage and connections to the existing drainage system.
• Installation of strategic surface water and foul water drainage systems.
• The infilling of Craig Harbour with crushed demolition material from site and also from Tay House and from a site at Alexander Street under a Paragraph 19 Exemption.

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To what extent did the use of CEEQUAL influence your project?

Going for a CEEQUAL Award has allowed the Client to show their commitment to sustainability and environmental issues and for Sir Robert McAlpine to prove that they could deliver a sustainable project. By working closely together we have been able to achieve the target of obtaining an ‘Excellent’ award for the project. The success of this project in achieving an ‘Excellent’ Award has encouraged the Client and Contractor to go for a further award on the next stage of the Dundee Waterfront Development.

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