Why use CEEQUAL?

CEEQUAL is the only sustainability assessment tool available with over 12 years’ operational experience that can be used for the assessment of all types of civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects and contracts. Unlike decision-support tools, it uniquely uses rigorous evidence-based assessment criteria, and external verification, to provide a result that can be made public and used in publicity. In addition, integration of the question set in the development of projects and contracts can very positively influence design and construction management and often leads to significantly better outcomes than would otherwise have been the case.

Benefits of using CEEQUAL

Award recipients report a range of benefits from using CEEQUAL as a driver for improvement and having their work assessed.

  • Significant improvements to your projects and contracts through adoption of best practice including whole-life costing, waste minimisation, resource efficiency (materials, water, energy), responses to predicted climate change effects, as well as project management and reduction of complaints and environmental incidents.
  • Reputation-building and good PR including verified demonstration of delivery of your environmental, sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility policies.
  • Cost savings through CEEQUAL’s influencing role. Projects have reported savings ranging from £30,000 on waste minimisation to £5 million (3.3% of total project cost) saved through design changes and alternative materials.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to the sustainability agenda, and providing public recognition of your work to clients, to the industry as a whole, and/or to stakeholders and the general public.
  • Enhanced team spirit through CEEQUAL’s recognition of teams that have “gone the extra mile” and, because using CEEQUAL provides encouragement and a target for your project and contract team to deliver high performance, it helps to develop a positive performance attitude.
  • Award presentations celebrating high performance and reinforcing team spirit.

Learn more by downloading our one-page document describing the benefits of CEEQUAL for clients, designers, and contractors (PDF, 330 KB).