CEEQUAL Version 6

CEEQUAL Version 6 brings together the existing methodologies of CEEQUAL Version 5 and BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot to create a single world leading sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure projects.

The latest iteration of the scheme builds upon the proven processes of the CEEQUAL approach and incorporates learning and developments from BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot. The update has been guided and informed by a diverse group of stakeholders from across industry.

Read the full press release for the launch of CEEQUAL Version 6.


Download the CEEQUAL Version 6 technical manual

Download a copy of the CEEQUAL Version 6 technical manual (UK & Ireland Projects) by submitting the form below.

To keep up-to-date with all our monthly news and updates, please register your interest in CEEQUAL using the BRE Group Preference Centre.

An international edition of the manual will be released in Autumn 2019. You can still apply to use CEEQUAL Version 6 on projects around the world now by contacting us.


CEEQUAL Version 6

Assessor top-up training

A top-up training module for existing CEEQUAL Assessors is available online through the BRE Academy. Once you have successfully completed the online module you will be able to register and assess projects using CEEQUAL Version 6.

A separate top-up training route will be available for BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot Assessors. Existing Assessors will be notified by email of the training options available shortly. If you are a BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot Assessor and would like to be able to use CEEQUAL Version 6, please contact us.

Register with CEEQUAL Version 6

Register to use CEEQUAL Version 6 on your project now by downloading the CEEQUAL Version 6 Registration Form (PDF, 157 KB).

Completed forms can then be sent via email to enquiries@ceequal.com.

Projects can continue to register with CEEQUAL Version 5 until 30 September 2019.

Find out more

To find out more about CEEQUAL Version 6, please contact us.

Call +44 (0) 333 014 7880

Email enquiries@ceequal.com