We will launch the new version of CEEQUAL in June 2019 as the successor to CEEQUAL Version 5.2 and BREEAM Infrastructure (pilot). This will bring together the best of both schemes into a new best practice approach to challenge projects to deliver better outcomes in infrastructure sustainability. It will combine the legacy and track record of CEEQUAL with the new thinking from BREEAM.

BREEAM Infrastructure (pilot) and CEEQUAL have been very influential over the years in shaping the sustainability agenda and outcomes for many infrastructure projects.

The new CEEQUAL brand combines the established CEEQUAL name with a clear association as a member of the BREEAM family of schemes. This demonstrates that CEEQUAL derives from the best of BREEAM thinking with the experience and legacy of CEEQUAL to provide a world class scheme for the future.

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New projects have two options: register with CEEQUAL Version 5 or pre-register for CEEQUAL Version 6

The earlier you engage with a scheme the better able you will be to achieve and recognise good sustainability outcomes.

Continue with CEEQUAL

New and existing CEEQUAL projects will be supported until completion. Register your project with CEEQUAL during 2018 if you wish to stick with the familiarity of the current version or if your project is likely to complete before 2022.

Pre-registration for CEEQUAL Version 6 

Longer term projects and those making key project decisions before the next version is introduced, and that wish to transition to the next version when it starts, should refer to our transition guidance.

More information

For more information and our Frequently Asked Questions please follow the link below.

What are the benefits?

Delivers more sustainable Civil Engineering

Enables performance improvement

Delivers better value and reduces costs

Demonstrates commitment to sustainability
best practice

Enhances team collaboration

Enables benchmarking and knowledge sharing

Our current programme is to launch CEEQUAL in middle 2019. There are however a few items which we are currently resolving which could potentially cause this programme to be revised. We will of course keep you updated through our regular newsletters and this website. For now here are some key dates when we anticipate being able to provide more details on the next version:

March 2018:

Announce the key process/structure for CEEQUAL Version 6

June 2018:

Highlight the key upgrade areas

July 2018:

Announce Assessor upgrade requirements and transition periods

September 2018:

Announce new feescales and cut off date for CEEQUAL V5.2

January 2019:

Public Consultation launch

Current schemes

CEEQUAL was the first sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure in the world and, with over 700 project registrations, it has become an internationally recognised sustainability standard for civil engineering works.

BREEAM Infrastructure (pilot) has set new challenges in sustainability with a more science based, outcome focused approach. The learning from the eight pilot projects is being fed into the new scheme development process.